Arrow Canvas Handle Tote Bag

Arrow Canvas Handle Tote Bag


This stylish blue tote bag, with canvas handles and arrow design, is what every mother is looking for in a tote bag. Its a beautiful blue colour with slight white arrow accents.

It has a wide and deep base to ensure that it can occupy a lot of items. The design ensures that it looks casual enough to take with you on a normal stroll through the park while also being elegant enough to carry to a boardroom if needed.

At Pinocchio Kids we’ve taken plenty of efforts to spoil the kids with the wonderful toys we make, but we also wanted a special opportunity to do something from the excellent mothers and mothers to be out there.

No matter what your requirement, what you need to carry, the Blue Tote Bag with Arrow Design and Canvas Handles will definitely be able to help you through and the price makes it a wonder to buy.

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The stunning blue tote bag with canvas handles is a dream come true for women looking for a large reliable and beautiful daily carry tote bag. The large blue tote bag with designs is made from 100% South African cotton and the quality of the product is unquestionable. Not only do you have a stylish bag, but you also have a strong handle made from quality canvas which is easy to grip and provides support even when the bag is filled to the brim.

At Pinocchio Kids, we have several skilled craftsmen who work dedicatedly on hand making the bags and ensuring that there is not a single stitch that is out of place. The artisans take exceptional pride in their work and when you buy this blue tote bag you will see exactly why that is.

We have taken great care to ensure that the products that we produce and sell here at Pinocchio Kids are made from the highest quality materials. At the same time, we are ensuring that all the materials we use are absolutely eco-friendly as well.

The dyes for instance which are used to give the bag it’s mesmerizing blue colour has been made from environmentally friendly inks. The cotton is locally sourced and you’re helping the local economy grow every time you buy a tote bag from Pinocchio kids.

We also understand that with a new child on the way expenses can pile up so we have done our best to ensure that the pricing of the tote bag with arrow designs is reasonable.

We are constantly receiving feedback about our tote bags from men and women around the world who have absolutely loved using them. If you would like to have the same delightful experience, please buy the blue arrow canvas handle tote bag today!