Arrow Leather Handle Tote Bag

Arrow Leather Handle Tote Bag


The Tote Bags with leather handles and arrow prints are to absolutely die for. The design aesthetic used on the bag is simple yet stunning. The Tote bag is not only functional but beautiful to look at as well. You will certainly be the talk of the town amongst your friends for your style.

The Arrow Leather Handle Tote Bag from Pinocchio Kids is a special treat we’ve made for all the lovely mothers. We know how hard it can be to find a genuinely nice and sturdy bag that not only looks good but is large enough to carry all your baby’s needs.

The stylish Tote Bag for moms is made from 100% South African cotton canvas and the handles are made from genuine tan leather. The bags are reusable and not a burden on the environment, in fact, even the inks used to create the arrow design are made from environmentally friendly inks.

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While Tote bags may be readily available in the market, you won’t find one anywhere that combines style and function as the Arrow Leather Handle Tote Bag from Pinocchio Kids. It’s an absolute stunner to look at and the form and function it provides are absolutely what a new mother or an expecting mother would love to have while traveling. Whether you’re making a short trip to the grocery store or going on a road trip of several hours, the Arrow Tote Bag by Pinnochio Kids will hold you in good stead.

The canvas of the arrow leather handle tote bag is made from 100% South African cotton. The materials are sourced from the local market so every time you purchase a product from Pinocchio Kids you’re also helping the local economy grow. The tan genuine leather hands complement the beautiful looking bag by adding to its style and also providing a strong handle to grip on. The beautifully etched arrow design printed on both sides of the canvas is done with environmentally friendly inks.

Each stitch on the Arrow Tote Bags is done by hand by the most skilled artisans who take pride in their work and ensure that you have a truly quality product. The materials we source are only of the highest quality to ensure that you, our customer, only receive the best, because you deserve the best.

The affordable pricing of the Tote bags ensures that whether you want to buy it for yourself or you would want to buy a tote bag for one of your friends you will not be in two minds. The quality, the price, and the style ensure that the decision to buy an arrow leather handle tote bag from Pinocchio kids is an absolutely easy one. Don’t wait, buy a tote bag today!