Hexagon Shelf

Hexagon Shelf

Most parents are looking to decorate their baby room with a certain theme. Geometric patterns are definitely a way to go if the popularity of our Wooden Hexagonal Shelf is anything to go by. If you are looking for a stylish and safe designer shelf for your kid’s room, then the Hexagonal Shelf is the way to go.

It comes in plenty of attractive colours for you to choose from depending on how you would want to paint your child’s room. You can choose from regular, pink and blue, but there are also plenty of other colourful options like black, grey, pine, and black.

The Wooden Hexagonal Shelf is made entirely from natural wood and the materials are bought and finished from materials from right in South Africa. All the items are locally sourced and completed by only the best craftsmen from around here.

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Looking for a wooden shelf to decorate your baby room? Try out the Wooden Hexagonal Shelf by Pinocchio Kids. Mothers all over the world have been loving the Hexagonal Shelf and their making it known to us. We’ve had rave reviews from people who’ve purchased the shelves either as presents or as gifts for their own child’s room.

If you are looking for a sturdy bit of wall decorations for your child’s room then you have to think about all Wooden Hexagonal Shelf. With a plank in the middle, the Hexagonal Shelf has been designed to maximise the storage space as well as the design aesthetics. It’s extremely easy to install and remove which makes it a perfect wall shelf for your child room and also doubles as a toy for when they need something to play with.

The smooth edges and wonderfully crafted sides make it absolutely safe for your children to play with. The Hexagonal Shelf is being produced completely by local craftsmen with local materials without using any harmful processing methods. The Hexagonal Shelf is also coloured using baby-safe dyes to ensure that even if your teething child decides to take a bite of it, they’re completely unharmed.

As we mentioned about the colours before, they are all made from natural dyes and are completely safe to chew on. You also have plenty of options to choose from such as blue, pink, grey, green, white. Choose the ones that best suit your needs or the needs of your child’s room.

Another advantage of buying this Hexagonal Shelf from Pinocchio Kids is in the knowledge that when you buy from us, you’re helping the local craftsmen grow and also helping the local commerce build. We have tried to keep the pricing as affordable as possible as we believe that true style belongs to everyone. Get yours today!

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Pine, White, Grey, Pink, Mint Green, Aqua Blue, Navy Blue, Black


Natural wood

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Size: 35 x 30 x 9cm