Wooden Toy Camera

Wooden Toy Camera

The Wooden Toy Camera has been specifically designed to put a spotlight on the intellectual side of your child. Designed to bring out the best in your child the wooden toy camera for kids is a perfect gift for kids who display a creative knack.

Made from a pure wooden block without any chemical processing, the wooden toy camera is completely safe for your child. There are multiple colours to choose from, each to suit your child’s personality. All the colours have been produced with natural dyes which are completely baby safe.

Even the design of the wooden toy camera avoids using sharp corners to your child from being accidentally hurt.

If you’re looking for something to gift your own child, or if you’re looking for something as a present for your friend’s child’s birthday then this affordable wooden toy camera for kids is one of the top kid’s toys to choose from.

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Do you see glimpses of your child’s creativity in the everyday things they do? Would you like them to grow up to be a fashionista, working in the arts or even as a photographer? We have the perfect gift for them – Wooden Toy Camera by Pinocchio Kids. It’s been designed to look like an old-school camera which is just the right size for your adorable little darling.

The Wooden Toy Camera is available in a variety of colours. Each to suit the mood of your little darling as well as to go with the varying styles that are popular among kids these days. You can choose between our muted white, black, grey, pink and mint.

The camera also comes with its own neck strap so your child can look like a true professional as their strolling along beside you. While not functional, it can be used as a tool to teach your child the basics of a camera.

We have designed this Wooden Toy Camera for children above the age of three as by then their cognizant and curious about the world around them and willing and able to learn about all the fascinating things around them.

The wooden toy camera has been built using only natural wood without additional processing to keep it as baby-safe as possible. Even the dyes used to paint this intellectual toy have been made from baby-friendly dyes. Every aspect of the wooden toy camera has been designed to keep your child’s safety in mind. There are no sharp edges, safe colours, and the wood has been carved by hands without additional processing to ensure that it causes your child no harm even if they decide to chew on it.

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White, Black, Grey, Pink, Mint


Natural wood

Age Group

0 – 3 years

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Size: 9 x 3.5 x 8 cm