Wooden watermelon

Wooden watermelon


Looking for decorative items for kids room that stands out? The Wooden watermelon by Pinocchio Kids is just the kid’s decoration for you. The subtle colours clearly highlight a nice juicy watermelon that looks as good as real. The soft shades also help your young child quickly adapt to changes in colours and helps with their initial visual development.

This is the perfect decoration for a kid’s room as the main shades of pink of the watermelon will go well with gender neutral colours like grey and white while also looking well in place in pink or blue rooms.

It goes really well with the Snuggly newborn watermelon cushion if you want to add a theme to your child’s room. It’s the perfect gift for baby showers for parents who are expecting their first child and the affordable pricing makes it a steal for everyone. Get your Wodden Watermelon today!

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Our wooden watermelon kid’s room decoration is one of the most popular products by Pinocchio Kids. For parents looking for a theme for their kid’s room, the plushy fruit cushions and wall decorations products do really well. The design of the product along with the feel of the wooden watermelon has all been carefully crafted to ensure the best experience for both the child and the parent.

The wooden watermelon is made completely out of natural wood with no chemical processing. The paints used on the decorative item are all baby-friendly. Even the design aesthetics we have chosen are to ensure that there are no sharp edges or rough surfaces so your darling child’s soft hands are not discomforted in any way.

The wooden watermelon block is made from 4 separate smaller wooden blocks that combine to form one large slice. While it serves its function as a kid’s room decorative item well, it can also be used to teach your child the basics of block building as they’re growing up. We’ve ensured that the weights of the blocks are such that your child can easily pick them up even from a young age aiding in their motor development skills.

The soft colour palette on the wooden watermelon for kids has been specifically chosen to ensure that it is pleasant to look at. The soft colours also help your young children acclimatize to the range of colours that they will see in the world. It’s a great tool to develop your child’s visual development as well.

If you are looking for baby shower gifts from your family and friends or even if you would like to buy something for your own kid’s room, the wooden watermelon is a perfect fit. The affordable rates make it an offer impossible to miss!

Size: 22 x 12 x 2cm

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